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Alpha Veterinary Center
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Are you looking to adopt a pet?

Instead of paying high prices for animals bred for profit, discover how you can help with controlling the stray animal population and adopt a pet from any of the following rescue centers. You can also talk with our caring staff about many other adoption options.

 •  Bengal Rescue bengalrescuenetwork.org

  •  Papillion Rescue

 •  Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue coonhoundrescue.com

     or 443-983-5728.

Do you know of any pets that need a good home?

If you know of a good rescue organization, we want to hear about it on your next visit. You may also not be able to keep your own pet for an unforeseen circumstance. Let us help you find a permanent place for them.

Licensed veterinarian

Discover more about our affiliated rescue groups or animals that need a loving home.

Comfortable environment

Same day appointments

One on one attention

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