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Alpha Veterinary Center
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You don't want to leave your

pet's care in the hands of just anyone. At Alpha Veterinary Center, all of our staff has the knowledge you are hoping for to get the best care.

Every pet should be an Alpha Pet

Trust in experience

Meet our team

Keep your pet in the best

optimal health by coming in for

all their health needs. From

well patient visits to oral health 

and much more, our staff

are ready to assist you.

Wide range of services

Veterinarian care can be

expensive. You want to be

able to properly care for your

animal without emptying

your wallet. Explore our available discounts and save some money.

Discounts available

If your pet is sick, chances are they are not going to be as

happy and playful as they

should be. Watch the life come back to your animals after they obtain the proper healthcare.

Healthy means happy

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Same-day appointments often available

This effectively treats a myriad of inflammatory conditions, such as: Arthritis, wounds, post-surgical swelling, inflamed ears, lick granulomas, hip dysplasia, disc disease, general pain, impacted anal glands, burns, lameness, sinusitis, musculoskeletal disorders, degenerative joint disease, and much, much more.  New cold laser patients get 20% off the first treatment. See our special offers page.

Cold laser therapy now available!  


Through the American Veterinary Medical Foundation’s Veterinary Care Charitable Fund, our hospital is able to help animals rescued from abuse and neglect and the pets of clients facing personal hardships. Your donations to the AVMF on behalf of our hospital will help us help animals. Click on the AVMF donate button to make your tax deductible donation.